Broken-Down Biology Student

Where has my imagination gone?
I think, I seriously think, They broke it.
They kept stuffing in the DNAs and the RNAs and the single-stranded viruses and their hydrogen-bonded molecules that were the weakest of bonds (except in certain conditions, when they were the strongest of bonds, you must see).
Enough, I said back then, in the stark, studying woods, a falling tree.
It was not over, it was never over.
They kept cramming in their cell cycles by their knock-down mutations of their precious cyclin-dependent kinases and insisted that I make room for them to keep pounding in their moldy calculus theorems against the hard, prokaryotic scaffold of microbiology, All governed by their dry, bulky Newtonian physics that had to go in, too, no it had to go in, too, but there was no ROOM, I whispered hoarsely, but They did not heed my protests and, in it went, too, exam after exam, solidifying scientific intent while my existential insides flattened, suffocating, until they. fucking.

And this.
This is why I cannot have nice things.
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NO. (FInally Found a Use for LJ)

So someone finally pissed me off enough to get me to use this thing other than to keep up with online friends. Congratulations, @$$holes.

Since some people seem to need to be told things most take as common sense or human decency, let me tell them to you (before I call animal control and report you, which is next on the agenda). Right, that should be the cue for people like me who generally can't stand reading about animal abuse to sign off now.

1. NO it's not a good idea to whip the hell out of a barely year old foal who is doing nothing but shying away from your cheap "training" tool with the dragging end of the rope you're using to hold him/her in place where they can't avoid the blows you're aiming at his/her neck and face. It's not a good idea to trade places with the other "trainer" standing in the pen with you and watch him do the same. It's not a good idea to do this, between you, at least half a dozen times in the span of the few minutes that I saw.

2. NO it's not a good idea for one of you to kick him/her in the stomach with what, unless you're even stupider than I already take you for, are probably steel-toed boots, while the other "trainer" holds him/her still so he/she can't kick the f$# out of you the way you deserve to have him/her do in retaliation.

3. NO, it is most especially not a good idea to do all of this in the middle of a city block (who the f$% gives permits for horses to be kept on quarter acre city "pastures" in the middle of the f%$ing projects to begin with) where an entire line of college students waiting on the elevated train platform blocks away have a front row seat and are watching you openly do these things to that animal.

Right. Now that this is out of my system, I'm going to go report you to the authorities. (Had I had the number and had you not concluded your "training session" already the order of ranting/reporting would obviously have been reversed). And I'll be walking by those crappy pastures several times a week for the next four months and God help you the next time that happens and I'm not up there on the platform where I can't physically get to you.

(I'll update whatever comes of it if the authorities actually do anything about this on the first call.)
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Since I took joywriter_1980</lj> up on her marvelous offer for a story, socks, or icons, who had taken sira</lj> up on her similar offer , I am offering a story of 500-1000 words to the first person to comment here. Alas, I cannot sew, and I seriously actually have burned water...more than once. So writing's where we are with that, folks. One trick pony, here, sorry!

Voyager, any pairing or friendship. Can do any rating, but you may be waiting a while longer for any NC stuff.

All that's asked in return is that you spread the love by making a similar post in your journal, offering whatever you can/are able, and pass it on!

Also since I know about six people on here, please don't all jump at once. :P
Or...not at all. Not at all works, too.